Step 7: Sending invoices

To get invoices into the process, please note that this can only happen once the administration(s) from your accounting software is linked to Easy1.

For every Easy1 client, a new email inbox is automatically created. This email inbox is meant to receive all incoming invoices (automatically). You can forward the invoices to this email address. Easy1 will then retrieve the invoices from this inbox and submit them to the PDF service. Once the invoices are processed, they will be automatically available in Easy1.

You will see these invoices appear in your worklist within the "Financial Employee" module within a few minutes.

The email address is structured as follows:

The environment code is the code that appears first in the URL of your unique environment and follows the format: t12345 (the five digits are random).

The administration code is the code assigned to your added administration in Easy1. This code may consist of a letter-number combination (Twinfield) or just numbers (Exact Online).

To find the administration code, follow these steps:

  1. Go to "Administrator" and then click on "Administrations" in the left sidebar.
  2. Copy the administration code from the first tab labeled "Code."

That concludes the last step!

Please check here to ensure you have completed all the steps.