Step 4: Allowance categories

🌟 Kickstart functionality

Please note: First, ensure that all master data has been retrieved from your accounting software. You can verify this as an administrator when the master data from your accounting software is visible. If you are unsure, it is recommended to wait for about half an hour since the integration was made. 

When employees have used their own transportation for a trip, they would like to easily claim reimbursement for it. For the organization, it is essential that this is done at the applicable rate.

  1. Click on 'Administrator' from the User Home and navigate to "Expense Configuration" in the left sidebar. Then click on "Allowance Categories."

  2. Click on the ➕ plus icon at the top of the page. You can then enter the appropriate details:

    Category Name: Enter the name as it should appear to the employee (claimant). This can be a different name from the general ledger account name in your accounting software. This default value allows the employee to easily identify where the claim should be placed.

    Unit: Choose between 'miles' and 'kilometers'. Select the appropriate option.

    General Ledger: We retrieve all general ledger accounts from your accounting software. Select the correct general ledger account for booking the mileage claims.

    Cost Center: This field is optional. If it is necessary to book the mileage reimbursement to a cost center, enter it in the same way as the general ledger account.

    Date: Enter the effective date from which the rate applies. If the rate changes in the future, you can enter it in advance with the applicable date. The new rate will automatically apply from that date.

    Allowance: Enter the allowance rate applicable to your organization. This rate is used to calculate the allowance automatically and display it directly to the employee and financial staff. If the allowance rates change from a specific date, click on "Add Rate" to ensure previous claims use the correct rates.

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