Add users

Collaboration is essential in our software; it is designed for teamwork. Adding users is a crucial step.

How to add users?

  1. Go to "Administrator" in the User Home.
  2. Click on "Users" in the left menu bar.

    You will now see an overview of all added users.

  3. Click on "Add User" in the top left corner to add a new user.

  4. Enter all the details of the new user. In the "Supervisor" field, indicate who the manager or supervisor of the new user is. This information is used in the procuration scheme.

    Select the name of this user, if this user approves their own requests.
    We will notify you when a user approves their own requests:

  5. Remember to select which administration(s) this user should have access to. You can assign specific functions per administration. 

  6. Finally, click on "Save and Add New" if you want to add more users, or click on "Save and Close" to finish adding the current user.

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