Change administration

Once you start using Easy1, you will automatically have access to a test administration that you can use to test and explore the functionalities. When you establish the connection with your accounting software, your own administration(s) will be added. 

How to switch between administrations

Note: Ensure that you have been granted access rights to the administration. Your rights may vary depending on the module.
Click here to learn how to assign rights to a user.

From the User Home, click on any module you want to access. It can be any module of your choice.

The Administrator-module differs from other modules because it contains settings that apply to all administrations (e.g., users, functions, and roles). However, for administration-specific settings such as configurations, master data, and statistics, you can switch between administrations.

At the top-right corner, you will see the currently selected administration. To switch administrations, click on the administration name, and your options will appear:

If you're unable to click on the administration
You do not have permissions to access another administration in that specific module, or only one administration is linked to Easy1.

If you don't see any administration listed
You are working from a page that is valid across all administrations.